Across the state, electricity customers are experiencing economic hardship either due to having contracted the coronavirus, protecting against spreading the virus, or having their jobs and businesses shut down because of the response to the crisis. As a result, thousands are already facing the inability to pay for basic services, including electricity and water. We call on all of North Carolina’s electric utilities to offer the following policies:

  1. Place an immediate moratorium on disconnections of electric service.
  2. Have that moratorium be open-ended so that customers can have the assurance that they will have access to electricity in the coming months.
  3. Immediately reinstate service, without penalty or reconnection fee, for customers who have been recently disconnected.
  4. Place an immediate moratorium on late payment fees so that customers aren’t accumulating fees that have to be paid back when the crisis is over.

Select your electric utility using the drop-down menu below to find out if your utility has implemented these policies

If your utility has not implemented the recommended policies, give them a call asking that they do so immediately. Also, please email Caitlyn Daas at if information is not yet available for your utility, or if the info is not available below but you have obtained that information and would like us to add it here.