Organizations and businesses can add power to the Energy Justice NC campaign by becoming supporters and formally endorsing the campaign’s goals. To become a supporter, an authorized representative of a business or organization should fill out the form at the bottom of this page, which indicates their agreement with the Petition for Energy Choice in North Carolina and the additional agreement below posted below.

Individuals can indicate their support for the campaign by signing the Petition for Energy Choice in North Carolina.

Petition for Energy Choice in North Carolina:

North Carolinians are suffering. Due to the broken nature of our monopoly electricity system, our residents and businesses are facing:

Constant Rate Hikes as Duke Energy uses its customers’ hard-earned money to rig the system into allowing construction of unnecessary fracked gas pipelines and power plants;

Environmental Devastation from repeated floods and worsening hurricanes, while Duke evades responsibility for cleaning up its toxic coal ash pollution and promotes methane from hog waste as “renewable” energy as that waste poisons communities;

Pollution of Our Political System as Duke Energy executives abuse their monopoly power with campaign money and undue political influence;

Lack of Choice and Stalled Job Growth while cheaper clean and renewable energy rapidly replaces fossil fuels and drives economic development in states with competitive energy markets;


End Duke Energy’s Monopoly: Oppose monopoly control of our power grid and support a just and equitable transition to a competitive energy market that creates thousands of jobs;

Transition to 100% Renewables: Support policies to rapidly transition our state to 100% renewable energy in a manner that prioritizes communities most harmed by the fossil fuel economy, and protects the beauty, integrity and productivity of our land, forests, and waters;

Pledge to Refuse Toxic Money: Stop taking Duke Energy’s influence money that is increasingly polluting our democratic process; and

Appoint Utilities Commissioners Who Will Protect the People: Make appointments to the N.C. Utilities Commission who will prioritize the interests of North Carolinians over corporate monopolies.

IN ADDITION, this organization, business or government entity, by signing this petition, pledges that we will reject any contribution or other payment offered by Duke Energy.  With that pledge, we seek to be recognized as a supporter of the Energy Justice NC Coalition.